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  • Mission Possible Documentary

    Mar 28, 2014


    Suresh Joachim is a film actor, producer, Canada # 1 Guinness World Record Holder and CEO Suresh Joachim International Inc. He has broken over 50 Guinness World Records, and captured international public attention doing the seemingly impossible,and by breaking astonishing world records in many categories.

    What is truly amazing about Suresh is that he can learn anything very quickly in a short time. Suresh Joachim will be using the platform for becoming # 1 in the world to promote his yearlong dream of the “World Peace Marathon”.The final day celebration will start the beginning of Suresh Joachim toughest journey towards eradicating suffering people Spatially children from poverty disease & war.

    His attempt to fulfill his dreams of “No Poverty, No Disease, No War”

    He dance

    He does static cycling for 200 hours

    He has broken car pushing world record

    Mission Possible, The unstoppable Suresh Joachim Documentary

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